Genesis Simple Edits — An easy way to edit your blog post info and meta, such as author name, post categories, etc. The only other option I can think of is using an ad plugin. This is the text you will find at the top of each page and post, telling you where you came from… basically leaving a trail. In this video I will show you how to set up the theme as it is shown in the demo, but also explain the flexibility of the themes features and how you can go beyond the demo without knowing code. Thank you, this tutorial was very helpful in helping me set up my site! Thanks so much for your suggestions and help Bob. As you will note, the colors only affect certain parts of the site.

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Sorry to bug again, but I was hoping you could help with one more thing, or direct me to the correct tutorial? This theme gives you six layout options. Yes, in the sidebar it will depend on the widget. Do they have any directions of where they suggest you place the tag?

Lifestyle Pro Genesis child theme tutorial

Even though it is slightly different for each child theme, the basics are the same. Content left, primary sidebar right. If you do moved to self-hosted, you would need to move your site. Simply upload the image here.


Otherwise, yes, it would involve some code of some studiopress lifestyle theme. In any case, the image does not have to be a specific size as the theme is responsive and it will crop, shrink and grow the image as needed. Studioprese only other option I can think of is using an ad plugin. You, of course, will choose your own categories to use. What you need to make sure is that. With that said… 1. Only if and when you have the time. Back a ways I use lifestyls do this as part of my services, but these days the blog and podcast keeps me busy… cheers!

But remember these three things that allow you some flexibility on studiopress lifestyle theme homepage, as I have shown you in the video:.

Thanks to your tutorial, I feel my site looks more visually appealing. I am hesitant to play with the code and adding additional CSS in the studiopress lifestyle theme has proven unhelpful. Genesis Simple Comments studoopress Easily edit any of the content that is built into your theme around the comment area.

In your studioprdss, on the left hand side click on Genesis — theme settings. Home Botom Left and Right You will notice that in the demo both the two bottom widget areas are exactly the same.


Lifestyle Pro Genesis Child Theme Tutorial

In fact, you will find these same options below each single post and page. This screenshot shows you what widget controls what area. Thank you for taking the time to do this! Thank you so much! Thank you so much for this tutorial!

The only thing I could guess at is that maybe a plugin is conflicting with it. Content middle, secondary sidebar left, primary sidebar right. You can either use an image or a color for the background behind the this lifesty,e content. I have a post here somewhere on this, but just did one recently on my other site http: I can see that you put a lot of work into this. I would contact your host about that. Depending on your studiopress lifestyle theme size and the image itself, you may want to play around with this setting and the image uploaded to get exactly what you want.

This article help me understand this child theme.